Burton Court, Herefordshire Wedding Photography, Spencer & Robyn

Burton Court Wedding Photography

The 19th May 2018 wasn't all about a Royal Wedding and an FA Cup Final, it was also the Wedding day of Spencer and Robyn at the fantastic 'Burton Court', in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside.

Burton Court provided the perfect backdrop for this beautiful summer wedding.  The venue, with its Mediaeval architecture dates back to 1330 and is listed as  one of  'England's thousand best houses'.  The family run house in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside boasts a grand house surrounded by amazing landscaped gardens, all creating a wonderful intimate atmosphere.

Documenting a special wedding day

Having attended, and Photographed a number of weddings now my advice is perhaps a little selfishly geared towards fantastic photographs; location, a beautiful wedding dress, a great bouquet, and for the groom a stylish, well fitting suit.  

To me these are the priority and key to creating great wedding photographs.  Spencer and Robyn got all of these things just right, the simple details oozing with style.  A wonderful, elegant wedding dress with a perfectly matched Bouquet for Robyn, and in true Italian style a perfectly fitting black suit and not a single hair out of place for Spencer.  As for the amazing location, Herefordshire's Burton Court, brimming with character and colour and on this day plenty of natural sunlight (a perk of having your wedding on the same day as Royalty!).

Photographing a wedding is about creating a record of the day, recording the sequence of events, visual reminders of the people, time and place so that for many years to come the couple, family, friends and children, present and yet to come, can look back on the day and smile.  

Capturing the details

But the true record is in the layer above this, capturing the expressions, the feelings, the moments when the bride and groom forget themselves, let their guard down and show their nerves, apprehension, turning to joy, perhaps a little relief, into enjoyment and relaxation as the day goes on.   The laughter and tears of the bride, Groom and guests as they enjoy their day so that again, in the future we can look back and remember not only what we looked like but more importantly how we felt.  As for  Spencer and Robyn it is clear to see the look of a couple that loved their wedding day and more importantly each other!

This was a truly magical day and a pleasure to photograph, if you are planning a Burton court wedding the get in touch to see if I am available as I would love to be a part of your special day at this wonderful venue.

Florist: Issy & Bella, Dress: Wedding Bells of four Oaks, Catering: Atozest, Lighting: AislehireIt, Band: The Manytones