Broadfield Court, Herefordshire, Twisted Sisters September Spry

Broadfield Court Wedding Venue

As Broadfield’s recent renovation blossoms into Herefordshire’s  latest magical wedding venue it also became the host for The ‘Twisted Sisters September Spry’ floral workshop.  

The lavish renovation sees the dreams and ideas of the new owners come to fruition.   Broadfield, hidden away in the idyllic seclusion of the Herefordshire countryside is a very historic house which provides the perfect backdrop to celebrate an amazing wedding or special occasion. The house boasts many tastefully renovated reception and accommodation rooms encased within a beautiful historic exterior, with signs of historic expansion like layers of rock showing the layers of time. Outside, the house is surrounded by beautiful grounds and gardens, and the fold yard, an area perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, where the couple can exchange vows under a superbly characterful loggia.

For a photographer the place is perfect, inside and out,  muted, subtle tones of aged wood, stone and old brickwork, trees and creeping plants, all providing a natural and soft backdrop. Inside the South facing windows, slit windows, vents and cracks provide beautiful pockets of natural light.  The only drawback if I had to pick one being… simply too many options!

Twisted Sisters, Florist, Flower Farm and Floral Design Studio

This idyllic venue provided the perfect match for the Twisted Sisters to hold their ‘September Spry’, a collaborative two day workshop with the wonderful Moss & Stone.

The Twisted Sisters a sister duo living and working in the Herefordshire countryside, Melissa who focuses on the floral design and Debbie, who's focus is the flower farm. Moss & Stone is the talented Brigitte Girling.  Brigitte provides flowers and workshops throughout East Anglia and beyond. Together the team provide something slightly different, both inspired by nature and a more natural, romantic wild garden feel, hence the flowers being grown at home in Herefordshire.

The workshop covered many areas from, table flowers to bouquets, all put together by the workshop participants under the shelter of the loggia.

The workshop was also assisted by stylist @jannelford, Bride_and_bloom, hair by Wedding hair By Rebecca, Models: @charll_ and @safiapixie, , 

If your planning your Broadfield Court wedding then do not hesitate to get in touch as I would love to be part of your special day. Or if you are looking for some amazing flowers then look no further than the Twisted Sisters!