I was born in Lancashire in 1975. As a teenager I discovered my passion for photography, both at home in my fathers darkroom and at art College..

AFter working and travelling around the world I eventually returned to education, gaining a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography.

Having spent many nights away from home I understand the importance of having a strong family unit to share the good times, to create and enjoy lasting memories. The family my wife and I have created are my main motivation and inspiration, not only in my photographic work but in all areas of life.

Photographically I enjoy capturing people, through various forms of image making: Digital Photography, Analog Film photography, and more recently through Videography. I love to capture unique moments in time, combined with the details of shadow, light and colour, creating and preserving a lasting memory.  I like to show the more subtle elements of life, preferring a less conventional composition that captures the emotion, honesty and humour in a given moment in time..

Although I now live back in my native Lancashire I love to travel, so if your planning your wedding or photographic project in the UK or beyond then do not hesitate to get in touch.