I was born in Bury, Lancashire in 1975. Youth was a blend of skateboarding and early 90’s northern rave culture.

School was not really my thing, but I did find a passion for the more practical activities including photography, A subject that was nurtured in my father’s home darkroom. This passions continued, taking me to art college.

In 1994 life took a new direction, when, at the age of nineteen I became a father.  In order to support my young family I worked as a carer in several nursing homes and rehabilitation centres, before making the life changing decision to join the Army.  This short term financial fix becoming a career, lasting for the next twenty two years.

Throughout this time my interest in photography remained, in the pre-digital era often setting up the darkroom in the family bathroom, before finally turning to digital photography, just one roll of film after the birth of our second child.

In 2010 I returned to education, eventually gaining a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography.

Having spent many nights away from home, in various parts of the world, I understand the importance of having a strong family unit to share the good times, to create and enjoy lasting memories. The family my wife and I have created are my main motivation and inspiration, not only in my photographic work but in all areas of life.

Photographically I enjoy capturing people, unique moments in time, combined with the details of shadow, light and colour, creating a lasting final document and preserving a memory.  I like to show the more subtle elements of life, preferring a less conventional composition that captures the emotion, honesty and humour in a given moment in time.