Hi I'm Matt, I now live in Lancashire but would like to call myself a destination Wedding Photographer as I travel throughout the UK .  My aim is to capture and preserve your day in a natural and candid documentary style, only stepping in for what I believe to be the important family, group and couples photographs, remembering this is your special day, not a photo shoot. I am a passionate photographer with a love of observing and recording the moment, people, expressions, feelings, creating a lasting record of your day to look back upon with family, friends and children in many years to come.

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Documenting a wedding day through photography or videographyis about capturing the moment, expressions and feelings, not simply ticking off a list of must get photographs.  It is about observing people, when they forget themselves, showing nerves, enjoyment, tears and laughter.  It is about recording the day so that in the future, 10, 20, 30 years time we can look back at the images or film and show our family, friends, our children, not just what we looked like but how we felt, our movements, our expressions, the things that show who we really are away from a posed staged photograph . It is about capturing the people that surround us, our family, friends so we can look back at these times and stir our memories of a very special moment in time.


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If you are planning your wedding day in Herefordshire, Lancashire or, if its possible another exotic destination and would like more information about Wedding photography then do not hesitate to get in touch!

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It has been a privilege to have my photography featured in several wedding Magazines (including three front covers) and a number of other online features.

 Aspiring to be one of the best Wedding Photographers / Videographers in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Herefordshire, even one of the best Destination Wedding Photographers in the UK, or even Europe, hey why not think big! best Wedding photographer on the Moon!